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Links (Auctions)

New Listings

A.Karamitsos Public Auctions
We are experienced specialists in the stamps and postal history of Greece, Greek Errors, New Greek Territories, Levant, Cyprus, Ottoman Empire, Balkan peninsula and many other foreign countries. Our renowned Public Auctions appeared on our addition to numerous items that are offered for direct sale to you

Always Win at Stamp Auction
Always Win the auction of your favorite Mint topical Postage Stamps at this great site which features Award winning EZ-1 click search and 100,000 Full color Full Size Images of Topical Stamps. WWII to Rock Stars - A Fun site your entire Family can enjoy!

At Seb Delcampe's Free Auctions
This comprehensive and user-friendly site will enable you to buy and sell stamps from all over the world.

Auction-123 Free Online Stamp Auction
The oldest 100% internet stamp auction - since March 1997. Listing lots is free and there are no final commissions. Only stamps, covers and philatelic items are allowed.

Auction Fire - Buy or Sell Stamps (07/30/02 Aaron Bradley USA)
Free online auction community. No listing fees, free image (Specialties: Auctions,Stamps)

Canadian Stamp Auctions
Canadas prime source of information for Canadian Stamps. This is where you will find the latest news of Stamps in Canada for the collector hobbyist dealer.

Cosmos Stamps
Postal Auctions 3 times per year, featuring stamps and postal history from Greece, Balkans, Levant, Middle East,Europe and British Commonwealth

Golden Valley Stamp Auctions
Stamp Auctions selling United States and world wide stamps. We have a strong section of USA, Ducks, as well as large box lots.

Mail Auction - Postal Stationery & Postal History
Postal Stationery, Postal History, Fieldpost, DP Camp, Zeppelin, Air Mail, etc..

Northwestern Philatelic Auctions, Inc.
Fine stamps of Canada, Newfoundland, Provinces, Great Britain and British Commonwealth. Auctions, Private Treaties.

OnLine Auctions
OnLine Auctions provides a central listing of stamp auctions currently available for viewing on the web.

PAC - Mail auction The Postal Stationery & Postal History
Postal Stationery (worldwide) and Postal History (Air Mail, Field Post, Zeppelin, DP Camp, POW, Perfin, Censor, Postal Agency, Telegram, IRC, Seepost)

Philatelic Phantasies
Monthly on-line auctions featuring 100 fully described and pictured US lots. Site also includes Net Price Stamps, Net Price Covers, a shopping cart section for ordering more common US material, and a philatelic bulletin board. Come visit!

The StampFair ONLINE Auction - Buy & Sell Your Stamps
The internets largest ALL STAMP auction. POST YOUR STAMPS FOR FREE!!


Bow City Philatelics (03/11/00 Travis Haugen Canada) Links
Canadian Stamps and Canadian Postal History Specialists.
Canadian Stamp Auctions (05/28/01 Morton Jaquays Canada)
Canadas prime source of information for Canadian Stamps. For the latest news of Stamps in Canada for the collector hobbyist dealer. (Specialties: Auctions,Country-Specific,Stamps)
Century Stamps OnLine Catalog (03/26/97 Ed Reiser USA)
Con's China Stamps (07/02/99 Con Tanase Australia)
Chinese/Asian stamps. (Specialties: Stamps)
DJ's Stamps (07/24/97 Danny USA)
Full line of United States Stamps, up to, and including all the current 1996 issues. (Specialties: Auctions)
European Auction Site (12/29/98 contact Germany)
Ian Kimmerly Stamps - Home Page (10/08/01 Ian Kimmerly Canada)
Stamps of Canada, B.N.A. and the World. Philatelic Auctions, Retail Sales, Appraisals. We offer a complete range of services for beginner and expert philatelists. (Specialties: Appraising,Auctions,Stamps)
International Stamp Auctions (12/26/98 contact Norway)
International Stamp Auctions at the SAS-hotel in Oslo twice a year (in April/May and in November / December)
James J. Reeves (04/13/99 James Reeves USA) Links
A world leader in Mail Bid Auctions and Hobby Supplies (Specialties: Auctions,Supplies)
Lakeside Philatelic Stamp Auctions (03/30/97 contact Canada)
Malter Galleries, Inc (12/26/98 contact USA)
Auctions, Ancient Coins, Antiquities, Pre-Columbian & Ethnic Art, Antiques, Rare Books, Documents & Autographs, Maps, Scales & Weights, Canes, Sports and Movie Memorabilia & Related Collectibles! (Specialties: Auctions,Coins,)
Nordphila GmbH (10/03/99 webmaster Germany)
Nordphila arranges about 10 auctions per year, each with well over 6,000 high quality lots, many of which have been expertised. (Specialties: Miscellaneous,Stamps,Topicals)
Northwestern Philatelic Auctions Inc. (12/26/98 C. Raftopoulos Canada) Links
Sale of stamps from Canada and British Commonwealth Countries through our auctions. (Specialties: Stamps,)
On Line Auctions Home Page (12/26/98 contact USA) Links
OnLine Auctions brings your favorite stamp auction houses and dealer price lists to the World Wide Web. You can browse through the catalogues of upcoming auctions online and/or copy the catalogue to your own computer.
Philatelic Friends Auctions (05/30/01 Ken Joseph South Africa) Links
Save $$$'s Africa's largest postal philatelic auction house in cheap SA Rands, World with Br. & Southern Africa specialisation, regular (Specialties: Postcards/Picture,Stamps)
Playle's Online Auctions (12/27/98 contact USA) Links (Specialties: Auctions,Coins,Currency,Postcards,Stamps,)
Profila Auctions Online (07/31/01 Info Hungary)
Over 25,000 lots of Worldwide, and including Postage Stamps, Postal History, and Postal Stationery. Also included are more than 14,000 lots of vintage Picture Post Cards as single items, collections, and accumulations. (Specialties: Postal Authorities,Postcards/Picture,Stamps)
R. Maresch & Son Auctions Ltd. (06/07/97 Tony Maresch Canada)
Canada's premier auction house, with Canada, British Commonwealth, Foreign... (Specialties: Stamps)
RaritanStamps, Inc. Auction (05/21/01 Nikolai Kondrikov USA)
We conduct four Mail Auctions a year, specializing in Worldwide Stamps and Postal History, Picture Post Card and Autographs. (Specialties: Auctions,Covers,Postcards,Stamps)
Regency Stamps, Ltd. (10/08/01 contact USA)
We conduct four Public Auctions a year, each comprising more than 3,000 lots of better USA and Worldwide stamps, covers, and collections. Each catalog is lavishly illustrated with more than 2,000 photographs to make bidding easy. (Specialties: Auctions,Collections,Covers,Stamps)
Robert A. Lee Philatelist Ltd. (12/26/98 contact Canada) Links
Exclusively Canadian Stamp Auctions Postal history, town cancellations, revenues, precancels & perfins (Specialties: Auctions,Perfins,Postal History,Precancels,)
Robert E. Lippert Auctions (10/08/01 R. E. LIPPERT USA)
We auction stamps, coins, picture postcards, postal history, collections, etc. for collectors . (Specialties: Auctions,Coins,Collections,Postal History,Stamps)
Sandafayre Postal Auction (03/30/97)
Seb Delcampes free philatelic auctions (06/30/01 Seb Delcampe Belgium)
The most simple, complete and effective site dedicated to philatelic auctions. (Specialties: Auctions,Stamps)
Stamp Auctions By Jozwik (12/06/00 Thomas M. Jozwik USA)
24-hour/365-day ongoing auction. Features 400+ American, Canadian and UN singles, mint sheets, plate blocks, commemorative panels, first day covers & others. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed. (Specialties: First Day Covers,Miscellaneous,Stamps)
Status International (04/03/01 Stewart Wright Australia)
Regular bimonthly auction - 2500+ lots, 700+ illustrated, $1,000,000+ of realistic - conservative estimates in low AUD$. (Specialties: Auctions,Country-Specific,Stamps)
The Superior Auction Gallery (12/26/98 Mark Goldberg USA)
Conducting auctions, private sales and retail sales of rare stamps and coins.
UNISTAMPS-Stamps Public Auction Home Page (03/30/97 contact Israel)
Ulysses Gallery (12/04/98 Szasz Gyorgy Hungary)
Postcard, philatelic and stamp auctions (Specialties: Country-Specific,)
Vance Auctions Ltd. (10/08/01 contact Canada) (Specialties: Auctions,Stamps)
Weeda Stamps Ltd. (12/27/98 Beverly Fox Canada) Links
Weeda Stamps was established in 1969, and is currently owned and run by Beverly Fox. As well as a retail stock of stamps and supplies, the weekly bidboard has been a fixture on the Vancouver philatelic scene since 1976. (Specialties: Auctions,Stamps,)