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New Listings

Brusden-White philatelic publishing (01/02/99 contact Australia) Links
Publishers of the Australian Commonwealth Specialists Catalogue in several volumes. (Specialties: Catalogs)

Free Conversion Chart - Darnell to Scott
Conversion chart for stamps of Canada Darnell to Scott free download etc.

NB Stamp Albums for Russia
Specialized fully illustrated stamp albums for Russia, Ukraine,

Postal Publication Available
This site is a list of Postal Publications available from Richard E. Small on Postal Machine Cancels and Post Offices.

Stamp Cafe
As many enthusiastic Collectors will be aware there is often a gap between the release of a new stamp issue and the publication of this information in magazines and catalogues. Stamp Cafe has been designed to address this problem. Also with competitions and free draws for members. The page is constantly getting updated!


Cronaca Filatelica (12/27/98 contact Italy) Links
Monthly Magazine of Philately, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Cancellations (Specialties: Cancels,Postal History,Postal Stationery,Publications,)
Linn's Stamp News (12/26/97 Steve Ferda USA)
Current stamp news, columns, features, and full-color stamp images. (Specialties: Stamps)
Philatelic Bookstore (10/05/99 Adi Orzel USA) Links
Price comparison service for stamp collectors. Compare book prices, shipping rates, and times of philatelic books and catalogues fro nine online bookstores. (Specialties: Publications)
Saskatoon Stamp Centre (01/02/99 contact USA) Links
Series of five volumes of Canadian Definitive Specialized Catalogues. They include the Caractiture and Landscape; Environment; Artifact and Parliament; Wildlife and Architecture; and the Fruit and Flag definitive series. (Specialties: Catalogs)
ScottOnline (01/02/99 USA)
Scott Publishing strives to set the industry standard for philatelic information and products by developing and providing goods that help stamp collectors identify, value, organize and present their collections. (Specialties: Catalogs)
Seven Seas Stamps (10/08/01 contact Australia)
Publishes Australasian Stamp Catalog, and albums, etc. Has a CD-ROM catalog and inventory system (Specialties: Accessories,Albums,Catalogs,Stamps)
Stamp Fair And Auction Diary (02/05/98 Stephen Reeves UK)
Lists 95% of the stamp/postcard fairs and auctions in the U.K. (Specialties: Miscellaneous)
Stamps.AU (07/02/99 Ken Sparks Australia) Links
Australia's Philatelic Magazine on the Internet (Specialties: Country-Specific,Miscellaneous,Stamps)
Stanley Gibbons (01/02/99 contact UK)
We publish a wide range of stamp catalogues, highly acclaimed as the industry standard. Our catalogues provide illustrations, detailed information and latest market prices for all stamps from 1840 to the present day. (Specialties: Catalogs)
Unitrade Associates (01/02/99 contact Canada)
Catalogus of Stamp and coind accessories, Canadian stamps. (Specialties: Accessories,Catalogs)
Yvert & Tellier (01/02/99 contact France) Links
Catalogue of stamp quotations for the whole world, a CD-ROM of France and Monaco stamps, folders, albums and various accessories. (Specialties: Accessories,Albums,Catalogs)