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New Listings

  Alan Soble's Web Site
Philosophers on stamps; Adam and Eve on stamps; Czeslaw Slania engravings; miscellaneous interesting philatelic items, including covers and postcards
  All China Stamps Message Board and Chat Room
An Interactive Place for Chinese Stamps Collectors.
  An Introduction to Orchid Stamps
General introduction to stamp collecting, with a discussion of all U.S.-issued orchid stamps, and a great number of links to detailsinternationally-issued orchid stamps. Also includes images of official World Orchid conference (WOC) stamps, and references to topical publications about orchid stamps.
  Astro Space Stamp Society
Journey to New Horizons - Collect Space Stamps, Postcards and Covers. The web site for Astro Space Stamp Society.
  Australian Footy Stamps
A listing of philatelic items related to Australian Rules football, the Clubs, the history of the game, State competitions and International Football. Site contains over 1000 colour images of stamps, p-stamps, covers, postmarks, postcards and other philatelic images. The site is of interest to both football fans and philatelic enthusiasts. There are Links to all major football and philatelic sites.
  Balloon in Philately - Balloon Mail
- History of Ballooning on stamps and postmarks - philatelic Documentation of Gas and Hot Air Balloon Championships - polish and czech balloon mail since 1945 - Gordon-Bennett Balloon Cup - balloon mail and results
  Beatles Stamps
A list and scans of all the existing Beatles stamps from all over the world
  Birds of the World on Postage Stamps
Thousands of bird stamp images! My whole collection on view by country and species. Identification corner. Links to new bird stamp issues found on the web.
  Butterflies on Stamps: Sierra Leone & Uganda Definitive 1987-1992
This site contains details of research into these two particular issues, all their variations etc.
  China Stamp Show
Original online exhibits of Chinese philately. View HTML and Flash shows on specific topics within the field of Chinese stamp-collecting, as well as a full catalog of special issues for purchase.
  China Topical Philately Net
  Christmas Seals for Collectors
US & Worldwide anti TB Christmas seals, as well as other cinderellas such as red cross, worlds fair, philatelic events, WW2 patriotics, etc.
  Cryptozoology and Philately
Presents postage stamps from around the world depicting legendary creatures which may exist such as Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. Also includes stamps depicting rare and endangered species, many of which were once considered legendary or extinct, such as the Giant Panda, Mountain Gorilla, and coelacanth.
  Disnemation - Disney on Stamps
Disney on Stamps - checklist - news - stories behind the stamps and more - this is a collectors site not a dealer.
  Espace Lollini, Space Topic Specialist
THE world Astro-Philately spécialist. Editor of Space philately-related catalogs and albums. World's most complete stock in stamps, covers and other space collectibles. - All are available for purchase.
  Famous Portraits on the Stamps of Israel
Learn the story behind the stamp...find out more about the famous people who have been remembered on the Stamps of Israel.
  Holograms on Stamps
World wide Hologram issues with images. From Aland to United States issues. Something for everyone-beginner to advanced. Secure on-line ordering. Mastercard, Visa and American Express welcome. Personal service with a smile. Member: ASDA. APS, FSDA
  Judaica Philatelic Resources
The purpose of this web site is to present, for educational purposes, certain philatelic materials which I have accumulated over a period of years. Accessed through the Synagogue Home Page is a collection of picture postcards and other philatelic materials depicting synagogues from around the world. Most of these cards date from the early 20th Century and depict synagogues which were destroyed during World War II.
  Lighthouse Philately
The site descrips lighthouse philatelic items and emphasied on collections. The content is especially for those topical exhibitors and topical lovers.
  Lighthouse Stamps
The site for collectors of lighthouse stamps and postmarks.
  Meteorite Stamps and Coins
Presents postage stamps from around the world which commemorate meteorites and meteorite impacts. Also describes classical coins which depict meteorites.
  Mike Duggan's Owl Stamps and Phone-cards
A private collection of stamps and philatelic material featuring owls. The collection is in all forms (mint, used, first day covers etc.) and there are wants lists of items which have not been obtained in any format. Listed by 'country' and 'species' with a brief description of the birds. Including locals, cinderellas and philatelic type items from non UPU and dubious countries. A small collection of phone-cards, featuring owls, has been included.
  Minerals and Gems on Stamps
Extensive listing with images of Minerals, Gems, Oil issues and related issues. Something for everyone-beginner or advanced. Secure on-line ordering. Mastercard, Visa and American Express welcome. Member: ASDA, APS, FSDA
  Petroleum: The Black Gold
Petroleum Stamps
  Petroleum: The Black Gold
Petroleum stamps (oil)
  Philatelie Thematique - Stamps by Theme
Topical stamps: birds, orchids, aviation (airships) and Europa Cept. Also picture postcards with Zeppelin.
  Postal History of the First Transcontinental Railroad
Transcontinental Railroad postal history webpage at the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
  Railway Thematic stamps
A site about railway thematic on stamps in German and English (started) with lists about 1. railway bridges 2. railway stations 3. railway ferries 4. railway lines on maps 5. railway thematic stamps of Germany 6. rejected stamps
  Scouts on Stamps Society International
SOSSI is a nonprofit philatelic organization specializing in the collecting, study, and enjoyment of stamps and other postal items celebrating the Boy Scout and Girl Scout (Guide) movements.
  Sea Turtle Postage Stamps of the World
This site lists all known sea turtle stamps with pictures of most, and includes displays of maxi cards and covers. Stamps are listed by country and by species, with Scott, Gibbons, Michel and Yvert catalog numbers provided. The site is browser-friendly, allowing easy navigation without frames, and loading thumbnails to speed page display.
  Sobralia on Stamps
A single page devoted to stamps which depict flowers from the orchid genus, Sobralia. It includes a complete listing of all sobralia stamps issued, and images of several.
  Southern African Birds on Stamps
This website lists stamps featuring Southern African birds. References are to Roberts " Birds of Souhern Africa" and Clements "Birds of the World". Hundreds of stamps from the southern African countries have been scanned. Duplicates available for swapping are also detailed.
  Space & Astronomy Stamps
Space & Astronomy Stamps - the history of spaceflight and astronomy as depicted on postage of the world. Extensively cross-referenced to related sites on the web.
Football(Soccer)-Worldcup, Olympic Games
  Stamps and Defence
How postal administrations represent Defence and armed forces on stamps all around the world. In german and french. With downloadable files.
  Stanhopea on Stamps
A listing of all stamps that have been published with artwork depicting the orchid genus "Stanhopea", native to Tropical America, with image links.
  The Gallery of Czech and Slovak Graphic Art
A stamp gallery whith many information around Czech and Slovak art in general and particularly about the art of stamp creating and producing, of course with many stamp pictures
  The Philatelic Music Circle
PMC is the world's largest music philately society with some 400 members worldwide. We have a multi-award-winning members' magazine (The Baton) and the website has many useful links as well as a wealth of music philately.
Mint thematic sets,Exchanges welcom
  www.FilateliaAguilar.c om
The best offer in World stamps, coins and telephone cards, as well as a broad range of philatelic supplies from the best brands, with more than 20,000 different products.


Animals, Birds, Butterflies, Marine Live, WWF Stamp Collecting (11/28/98 Patrick D. Paxton USA) Links
Nature theme topics on stamps. New issues illustrated. (Specialties: Wildlife,)
Astrophilately (04/21/98 Pierre Bauduin Belgium)
Information about astrophilately and the world space stamp catalogue Weebau. (Specialties: Country-Specific)
Australian Sports Stamps (05/04/00 Noel Almeida Australia)
Olympic and sports covers and cards (Specialties: Covers,Topicals)
Disnemation (07/31/00 William Silvester Canada) Links
Disney on Stamps - Complete Checklist - News - Stories - Movies on Stamps - Frequent Updates - FAQ - Links (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
Jeff's stamp page (12/29/98 Jeff USA) Links
This site primarily displays my Faroe Islands stamp collection. The Faroe Islands are of minor importance to most stamp collectors, but I think that you will find the items that I have displayed interesting and very entertaining. (Specialties: Plate Number Coils,Postal History,Stamps,Topicals,)
Judaica Philatelic Resources (03/13/01 Edward Victor USA) Links
Collection of Synagogue postcards and philatelic materials pertaining to the Holocaust (Specialties: Miscellaneous,Postal History,Postcards/Picture)
Justwendy Themes - Thematic Stamps (10/03/99 Mrs W. White UK)
Topicals/Thematics 25,000 items in stock. All the popular topics. Many unusual ones! Matchbox and telephone cards too! (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
Justwendy Themes Topical Stamps for collectors (08/10/00 W. White UK)
Specialists in Topical/Thematics for Collectors. 29,000 items listed, 400+ Topics (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
KGVI Stamps (10/07/99 contact USA) Links
British Colonial Stamps for Collectors. Over 2,000 KGVI Stamps are listed individually by Commonwealth, Gibbons & Scott Catalog Numbers. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
Kramer's collection (04/11/02 Veniamin Kramer Ukraine)
Space collection "Soviet space flights 1975-1984" Other themes - polar, USSR, etc. (Specialties: Space,Topicals)
Macau's Topical Stamps (08/27/00 Joao Augusto Macau) Links
Gallery of Macau's Topical Stamps: Birds, Boats, Olympics, Flowers, Mammals, Snakes, Motor Racing, etc. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps,Topicals)
MostBuy Online Stamps (03/04/01 Jimmy Canada) offers postage stamp S/S, Sheetlet, FDC, and other philatelic items online for collectors worldwide. (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
Musical Stamps (04/13/99 Peter Lang USA) Links
You love music? And you also collect stamps? This is the right place for you ! (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
Salvation Army Collectables (06/02/01 David Miller UK)
The only site on the web dedicated to collectors of Salvation Army memorabilia. (Specialties: Covers,Miscellaneous,Postcards,Stamps)
Space Stamps (12/19/00 Sergey Okun Russian Federation) Links
Space stamps from all the world. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Space,Stamps,Topicals)
Special Motive (02/08/01 Christer Svensson Sweden) Links
One of the largest searchable philatelic databases in the world. Look for any TOPIC or COUNTRY, and order directly. (Specialties: Auctions,Stamps,Topicals)
Stamp Hunter (07/03/99 George Marek USA) Links
Stamp search by country and topic. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Stamps,Topicals)
Stamps of East Europa (10/30/01 Sergey Belaev USA) Links
Mint sets/online catalogue with 100's pictures/offered for exchange. Country-specific and many many topics: (Specialties: Stamps,Topicals)
Topical Philately (04/16/99 Loic Marchat France) Links
Hundreds of topical covers (Specialties: Covers,Topicals) (01/12/01 Hamo Vassilian USA)
Stamps related to Iran, Armenia, space, and other topicals. (Specialties: Country-Specific,Space,Stamps,Topicals)